Do humans really play with themselves?


With cosmos as an example, what is the difference between the results of the predecessors and at present. whether do humans really progress or not, please consider clearly. i.e. has mankind really progressed?  

Frankly admit that any invention will bring new development opportunities to mankind, but it will also bring mankind into the death trap of disaster. This is a matter which has two aspects.

Try to consider, if there was some kind of directional error in the direction of human development, and if not, why human progress, in the end, was a natural disaster?

Take Stephen William Hawking's wink exchange, for example. Assuming Hawking doesn't have a special seat, can he communicate with people and become a physical authority?

Also presume, if he doesn't have any chips-implanted in his brain, will humans need chip implants in the future?

If there is a certain difference between Chinese and Western culture, perhaps what I have considered is fundamentally different from what you have considered.

If man can do a lot of things like medical care, old age, learning and so on without implanting any chips, do you think implantation is necessary?

For the industrial revolution, it is not clear, to the end "god-like equipment" will get how much moneyprofit, which could let the equipment to public.

"God-like Equipment" ’s only let science-technique slowly development, the whole human race is exploited by them. When will they stop play with human beings?

The following approach may solve the climate problem, which is also a thinking in the industrial revolution. This comes from the Chinese myth, “Tengyun driving fog” ride on a cloud.

To view below picture:

East and West culture is different, a deeper step is the difference in thinking.

You always think that  fly must get a pair of wings. And in China will fly do not need wings, only need a medium, and this medium is often seen "cloud."

When clouds continue to gather, there will be thunder and rain, clouds a little higher with any wind direction, will produce a variety of climate change.

Human progress, not with creation to change the world, but with existing materials to change the world, perhaps this is the real human needs of the right direction of development.

Many regimes don't want to talk about climate change. WhyNot clearly.

Industrial revolution is feasible, but "God-like equipment" greed, wasting 50 years of mankind's good times with the wrong direction. Now to change is possible, and everything is basically available from human science technique, all only need is your heart (honesty and credit).

What's on your mind, I don't know, but I'm pretty sure the device knows 100%.

Why can I know, because my family occur a very magical drama. First I have low back pain, then my older sister pain, and then my mother pain, the pain of the place is completely consistent. It's just age difference, the feeling of pain is different, that's all. Who can tell me why can produced this drama?

From here, you should understand what is “god-like equipment”, and why I must setup industrial revolution. For human being, for people like me.

Others don't say more here, for "the governor"(view PS.), not to participate in the politics of any country, is the basic requirement. As for the dilemmaBroken foot and almost fell down of preventing the Chinese (Xi) president's series of state visits; because of I'm Chinese, even in the future to carry out industrial revolution in abroad, I still Chinese.

For the industrial revolution to continue to develop, have to and must prevent. Others will be talked about later.

See here, I hope you understand that the industrial revolution needs everyone's respect.
Someone has taken advantage of get the revolutionary era’s idea, without guilt’s borrowlism. When this kind of people will use revolution’s idea, please write the source of the reference and inform my company. It would be humiliating to avoid falling short of the requirements of revolutionary thinking.

Emphasize again, capital is important, but it's too far away than popular feeling.

By the west Brain-Implantation of the east wind, once again the revolution's original thinking pictures to show, so that human beings understand what need mankind at all, and the future direction.

The company is also planning to cloud as the target, the sale of each piece of clouds, on the one hand can attract financing, on the other hand try to prevent the climate from continuing to change (“god-like equipment” intervention), lest really become a crisis in the film and television drama.

Finally, with the old Chinese saying to end: Life is like a play, play is like life.

Have a nice day

Zan Song
Executive Director

Future-Tech Workshop

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