what‘s the environmental protection?


Can say it better than can do it.

Everyday yelling,“The human environment is threatened”, but what have humans done?

If carbon emissions are an indicator, does hiccup,farting of human being count?

The daily exploitation of oil causes the crust to be continuously vacuumed and squeezed, whether it is considered to be a threat to the environment?

So,today's many political slogans that is not at all unrealistic.

Please consider once, which country's leaders meet guests with bicycles or carriages (environmental protection)?

The mankind need a real political slogan,and action, ie. not to buy cars etc.

Try think it about, these slogans are superficial, what about the others?

If human beings will always pay attention to immediate interests, and act silly, humans will be destroyed in lies.

Are you going to break the lie , or the lie dominates you,  all come from human consciousness and not Freedom in the Framework of lies.

Zan Song 
Executive Director

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如果碳排放作為一個指標的話, 人類打嗝,放屁是否也算在內呢?










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I write, you see, you and me are like lucky exemplify which in contemporary of coronavirus-2019.

Is it the development of Science-Technique, or be turning of the nature? During 2002 to 2020 of 21st century, upper respiratory diseases continuous occurrence, SARS, MERS, Bird Flu, Influenza of USA and today’s coronavirus-2019.

In the last century and even in the last century, there are only one or two epidemics in every century. But in the 21st century, only 20 years beginning, various epidemics emerge in endlessly. Why do we think about it?

There isn’t lack of good researchers in the world, but wildly arrogant researchers, and even most of events of history are smother up, everywhere, for which inevitable to worry about how many epidemic diseases there will be in the next 80 years.

Today you and I are lucky, so who can guarantee that tomorrow is still lucky. Don't you worry about your (/human) future and your offspring?

In the current situation, there is really nothing to say. Where can human endurance reach? I will continue to pay attention to future events.

To the human whether there will be good luck, where to go, oneself should think about it.

Zan Song
Executive Director
Future -Tech Workshop

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What is the best Willing of human being?

To the ordinary people, Freedom, Happiness, Health, Longevity.

To Science-Technique people: Longevity aim to research natural rules, not inheritance (it has generation gap).

To Crazier: Longtime to dominate the world in longevity.

This three are so closely, and cause Crazier Persons, “Eat satiety and have nothing to do”, take advantage of exploring natural result, imitating and imposing on ordinary people’s thought, to achieve the goal of “Eat satiety and ask for trouble”.

This is war-history of the mankind, that has not been taken about recessive psychosis.
The imitative animal nature of human being has not been eliminated, lead to fighting, even not stint at the expense of their own life, which is the end of “Eat satiety and ask for trouble”.  

At present, the epidemic situation is constantly under control, what are you thinking about?

The blow is experience (Bloggers have also in the before)

A week ago, when I saw the high alcohol, that bought to Anti-Virus a few months ago, I would come up with an idea and to drink it, this idea was just laugh away. But in recent days, the president of USA is “Fire-Cannon” of the report, causing more than 30 people to disinfectant into the hospital. It can be seen that the thing’s development is the continuation of “Eat satiety and ask for trouble”.

Who knows “God-like Equipment”, it seems that the current president of USA does not clear what the “Equipment” is.  (The last Blogger wrote that the mankind needs to find out original murderer of the virus, and hope that people of every country should stand up and put forward survival requirement to own government-secret-institutions.)  

Then, do opposing party knows what "Equipment" is?

If the two parties of USA are not clear, and many countries is crying out and after smother up under the epidemic, human beings will constant experience the plague caused by "Eat satiety and ask for the trouble”.

Great things may be done by mass effort. And then in the control of a small group people, “God-like Equipment” is limited in wisdom. Therefore, it can be asserted that there is no prospect for human development in the future.

A crisis of per ten years is related to the magnetic field.

In the wisdom of the ancients, there is a mapping culture, i.e. changes beyond the earth. It leads to the continuous efforts of Heaven (/God) way to help human beings, but incapable of action.

Human beings must develop a tool to achieve the normal rely on each other relationship between heaven and universe.

Suppose you haven't felt the crisis brought to human beings by "Eat satiety and ask for the trouble”, and let it go. I will personally develop this equipment in the next year, so as to achieve real peace, happiness, health and longevity.

Transparently, why does the tortoise live for thousands of years? It can change its magnetic field to have a normal relationship with the universe.

Zan Song
Executive Director

Future-Tech Workshop 

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Guess or to do ?


God's warning

In June 2019, “Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris” caught fire  in  France.

Chinese two-part allegorical saying: A fire on the head – Lawless(/ No hair)!

Ghost's marginal benefits

Heart has ghost which is difficult to find, and of course it does not rule out the scene of people being ghosts. Due to seek the maximum marginal benefit for the individual to harm others, but every government is still silence under capital driving. That's how the ghost road of human is appear.

Man's extremely arrogance

Individual desire is greater than all. A small mistake becomes a human disaster, then evolve into a great fault. Between good or bad of person's mind, will be reflected in the whole society.

And every government, especially every special department in the country, wants to do something what is all confidential. Few people know that, even if they know, they can also sign a non-disclosure agreement on the contract.

Human ignorance

Because of ignorance, and then produced a fire on head of Notre Dame's head, God's warning. And humans are still lamenting buildings that have existed for several centuries, and have not predicted the plague of this disaster in 2020. 

It is also today can occurred that God is perhaps actually exist, and warning's broadcast of  anyone church fire has all not more widespread than survived several church fires, and also she was the mother of Jesus.

Whether God exists or not, no one knows. But <I-Ching> told mankind, "the heaven is not as good as human think", that for achieve someone aim, benefit one person, and harm of the world.

<I-Ching> also want to fight with the heaven. But in thousands-hundreds <I-Ching> has been lost a part of contents, and bring about inaction of <I-Ching> said, "this plague is Stir Up Trouble(興妖作怪)". Saying here, the mankind should see what the hell is going on!

Suppose, this time the human to let go of the "Stir Up Trouble (興妖作怪)", human will continue to have the next time, perhaps constant the next time.

The West has God's warning, the Orient has inaction's notification of <I-Ching>, other  places has also own divine favors.

Perhaps the Occident's God is also like the Orient's <I-Ching>, who lost a part of contents, and can not help human being to fight with the heaven. It can be seen God is not equal the heaven, otherwise cannot produce a Fire-Warning on Virgin's head.

Humans are ignorant, and when you see Italian nurses crouching around crying in a state of powerlessness, take out human ignorance and ask the secret agencies of various governments for a statement.

Because of ignorance, what is necessary a wording how to protect the safety, and in contemporary of assumptions about alien invasion support the basic life requirements of the country's inhabitants.

God way's warning, Human heart's ghost way, Extremely arrogance's small mistake, which  one will the mankind choose?

Zan Song
Executive Director

Future-Tech Workshop

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心中有鬼是很難發現的,當然也不排除人當鬼的情境。 為謀求個人最大邊際效益而損人。 但是每一個政府在資本的驅動下,默不作聲。 人間鬼道就這麼產生了。


個人願望大於一切一個小過錯變成人類的惡災難演變成巨大的過錯。 人的一念之間是好是壞都會反映到整個社會。

而每個政府特別是每個國家特別部門想要幹什麼。 都是機密沒有幾個人知道,即使知道的也會在合約上簽上保密協議。


因為無知,繼而產生出聖母頭上著火神的預警。 而人類還在因為幾百年存留的大廈而感到惋惜沒有已將到, 2020年發生的這場災難瘟疫。

我也是今天才發現神或許真的存在。 任何一個教堂的失火都沒有倖存幾百年的教堂失火警示人類來的廣泛。 並且她還是耶穌的母親。

神到底存在與否,沒有人清楚。 但是《易經》告知: “天並不是人類所想像的那麼好”為成全某人的理想而利一人損天下人。

《易經》也想與天鬥但是《易經》在千百年間,已經遺失了一部分致使《易經》無所作為的告知: "這場瘟疫是興妖作怪"。  到這裡人類應該明白,世界到底發生了什麼!

假設這一次人類放過"興妖作怪", 人類還會繼續有下一次或許不斷的出現下一次。

西方有神明的警示東方有《易經》無為的告知。 其他地域也有自己的神明眷顧。

或許西方的神明,也像東方的《易經》一樣在千百間遺失了一部分,而無法與天鬥。 可見神與天是不能畫等號的。 否者不會出現聖母頭上著火的預警。




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