The illusion of existence


First to notice: the YanHua(演化) and JingHua(進化) of Chinese speaking represents two meanings in the Article. In the dictionary of English-Chinese, there is only one word represents Evolve.

So I marked the YanHua (演化)as evolution1, meaning: to forward and back all can;

The JingHua(進化)is marked as evolution2, meaning: Only to forward

I hope to understand the differences between the two languages in the article, plus my English proficiency is limited, only to do such a mark.

According to my picture above, the universe has boundaries, the solar system has boundaries, the earth has boundaries, ecological boundaries, and man also has boundaries.

People have boundaries, and every part of a person's body has a boundary, including our brain.

The brain has a boundary to achieve a result, i.e. the culture has a boundary, and then get a result , i.e. various religion have a boundary, and this boundary is a goal which is our seeking, i.e. Unknown field.

I don’t know if my person experience of boundaries is consistent with some kind of theory in contemporary of Scientific – Technique (Sci-Tech) field. But I didn’t see this kind of Sci-Tech article on the network.

From the cosmic boundary produce a hypothesis, i.e. the sun and earth which is first existence in this galaxy?

This problem is also invisible return to look into light & water. Supposing, would the human ancestors be clearer to see the stars in the no sun? Because it has not sun’s force, the earth drifts in universe, i.e. different position, see difference (不同的位置,看到的不同); and then the sun burst in this galaxy, or the sun has existed who be aroused by some kind of material or start and release a powerful light, and then with strong force to take shape current solar system by piecemeal.  

Or other stars burst in the solar system, and then occur to change, so that humans rely on the current instrument to observe the stars.

It is not difficult to get the human ancestors bequeath a variety of <picture- story books>[PS.] experience. Thus the West can put geocentric emphasis on the maintenance of re-emphasis. Oriental Huaxia(華夏) produced "I Ching" and other books.

And the whole Earth also under the influence of the solar system light, constantly produce qualitative changes; in the process the earth produce qualitative evolution1, and then human being appear evolution1.

That is, the earth does not get a qualitative change, is not the evolution1 of human quality. In the long history and modern research, it is not difficult to see that human beings have not changed at all from the beginning of the word.

Suppose the Mayan civilization really exists. When the sun does not exist (or dim), are their formulas valid?

How to analyze the existence of the Earth if the life of the sun’s count is wrong in the present?

Calculation is also a kind of counting way of human imagination, is there a lack of what is not perceived?

Imagine that dinosaurs were really the same kind of slaughter? If so, what is the difference between "weak and strong food" of human beings?

Imagine again, now the brain fossil is orangutan brain fossils, and also how to explain it?

Human beings can evolve1; wouldn't the orangutan evolve1 in several million years?

Look at the stars in the sky, is it clearer when it is darker? Do the ancestor’s eyes gradually degenerate in light and in after the discovery of fire?

According to the scientific assertion that electronic devices are vulnerable to eye damage, it is entirely possible to introduce the light and fire this cause let human eyes to degenerate. And the facial features interact with each other, causing the human brain to evolve1 until the current human brain. Other species are the same.

From the scientific field has given a deduction, genius thinking is always different from ordinary people. Is it also different with ordinary people about their brains and facial features and body micro-level form? I don't see any scientific inference on the web, what means also it's a blank. It also leads to a non-common social norm in today society.

About my thought

What is the difference between my brain and the brains of other people when I get a picture in my brain? What's the difference between putting the same image in a different brain?

Hypothesis, according to the scientific inference of the present, my brain has entered the multidimensional space, and then my eyes in the near future will also appear clairvoyance, this is the theory of evolution2 give out an answer. Facial features can affect the evolution1 of the brain, and conversely also affect the facial features. And when I was a teenager, I saw black spots on the sun.

If I will not produce clairvoyance, I maybe prove that Darwin's <theory of evolution2> was wrong.

In “Similar God Equipment” eyes of thought.

My life longest time limit 140 years is “Similar God Equipment” given to me, that is, I discovered that my brain can enter multidimensional space in this year, so my life is less than 100 years life limit, how can I quickly evolve2 into clairvoyance?

Whatever your scientific inference how to say, "The human face will more and more similar", But the gene is not the same substance. For example, even if you make a 'Zan Song' very like me, but you also how to analysis the evolutionary2 evidence I said above?

Zan Song (宋贊)
As I said in the previous article, there is a false God (“Similar God Equipment”) in the earth. It did have my consent to study my brain, I tolerate. Because there is only one person in the world who get this status in the scientific field, that is Albert Einstein.

I can compare with Einstein, is my infinite glory. But the thing must also reverse to see, if they try ‘which root cause’ on my body and then derive it to the whole world, don't know you can also get which feel?

Due to “Similar God Equipment”, it is the operation of people, and it is inevitable get man's property. What is a man?

Man can be called man, or also can be called beast. I don't need to explain this much. Everyone understands the truth.

Man can be called man, because human thought is stronger than beast, this is also the difference between me and operators of “Similar God Equipment”.

Even though the operator's brain is very strong, they cannot also into the multidimensional space, this is a group of people looking at me on screen of “Similar God Equipment” in every time, and they get the only answer.

Have the operator ideals? During communicating with them, I find that they also have ideals, and this ideal is the injury and experimentation for all mankind. Then in human ignorance, the various upper-level people use no same method to suppress it, and then find an excuse to deceive ignorant human beings.

All crows under the sun are black (天下乌鸦一般黑)

First I don’t want to talk about un- and fortunate for me, and to talk about international events. ‘The stampede of people event’, did it happen in the past few decades? Why happened in 21st century? HIV infection in blood transfusion, 20 years crackdown, why? This is just a little part.

Before in the world an organization to the world's corruption has made once ranking, the first place in the rankings is my motherland, i.e. the People’s Republic of China.

This to see China is very not good, that time I think if I ..., I definite…; but now I have been met, this organization ranking is not unreasonable.

What the world stage has done let me believe that China has an old saying, “All crows under the sun are black”; that is also exist the source of corruption that you think open government. What are politicians or businessmen doing behind the scenes? ordinary people can know?

Again to look at Hong Kong(香港) in the 70’s, why did the British government set up I.C.A.C? Because local corruption in Hong Kong has a direct impact on the political image of the UK, it must lead to an independent department and led directly by the empress. And then create an international metropolis.

So “Similar God Equipment” are constantly eroding your governments, what do you use to uphold the political image of your country?

So I am very much in favor of Trump's political strategy; “with what kind of people association and then will become similar people”, this is a very popular thinking in modern society. In UK should also see the shadow of corruption, after 20 years of drowning the appeal is spread on the Internet.

HIV Events are dominated by politics (drowning), or the discovery of conscience (spreading). You have to consider it yourselves. There are no comments here.

Just want to say, “Similar God Equipment” of a kind of indoctrination can let someone be made in a field, or even rich and famous. Do not think your mind is stronger than me, strong your brain does not enter in the multidimensional space?

China also has an old saying "people compare with people should die, goods than goods to throw" ("人比人得死,货比货得扔"), do not know my multidimensional space compared to your brain thinking, and also how to consider it?

What is genius should be redefined

On politics, I can be safe in the face of “Similar God Equipment” and corruption of PR. China. On the ability to think, you have not entered into the brain multidimensional space (the equipment indoctrinated picture, do not say that they are mistaken for people, is the thinking of interference or let my thinking get a different bias against normal?). 

Say a no good sentence “I know what they want to do when politician’s buttock of every country raise a little bit”.

China does not use me, it is China's loss. I don't also want to make any contribution to China. This is the luck of every government. The government is lucky, and of course the businessmen are also lucky. “Similar God Equipment” will also get lucky for the moment, due to the protection of the Government!

My goal to the community

My goal is very simple, the success of the Industrial Revolution. My inspiration is to make a generation for mankindand at a moment when countries are seriously corrupt; let success prove the existence of the true God (the existence of the rule of nature). Let mankind to see who get also possible rebel chance for more ignorant people.

To prove that there has a limit about human beings, and this limit is the "Retribution Theory" (the rule of nature) that I think about now.

Don't think 30 years later, I'm old. All mankind began to revolt from ignorance and put forward the industrial revolution to “Similar God Equipment”. Do you dare say that he/she was not at the mercy of “Similar God Equipment”?

In the world how many people’s brains can enter into multidimensional space? No entry is the lack of understanding of the equipment (“Similar God Equipment”), since do not understand, how to lead the global human resistance?

Think and think you should understand, and I don't want your brain to compare with my brain. This is a force of nature; let me self-reliance, strong in ignorance.

I also got, device operator panic in front of big data, the air transfer a message "I must eat them (“Similar God Equipment”)”.

This is the human lucky, also my opportunity; more is the human future of a happy lock.

If I success, you will how to understand me? God, I am not; I don't have the qualifications. This is only the nature of the invisible among the elect and my self-reliance, strong.

If I will not success, you will also how to understand me? Rogue, mental illness; I don’t more get qualifications. No psychologist in the world can say that a methodical idea for the mankind is a rogue or a mental illness.

Look at Song family’s legacy of Manchu

In 1969, in order to maintain the family members were implicated, deliberately to burn the genealogy and then grandpa under the leadership of natural force, back to <the Changbai Mountain(長白山)>, who is the Manchu people's Birthplace settled down at the foot. And then one is more amusing, the brothers of the Fathers I was the only male of the third generation. Whether this is a natural arrangement, I don't know. Just in after the history can tell the mankind why is only one male to me.

This is the legacy of the ancestors to the valuable wealth; someone wants to get this precious wealth is impossible. He has no direct-blood-relationship with me at all.

So someone worried about me and said there was a No.2 'Zan Song' in the earth. Such a situation is impossible, even if possible, people compare with people get die.

For the completion of the Industrial Revolution, I will be in the Chinese environment to unload social burden, i.e. children and relatives of high-ranking officials, in order to return own real identity.

Of course also in here revolution has some the basic technical requirements of the society. For achieve a rapid completion of the Industrial Revolution.

1, Chip has to reach in 2mm;

2, Circuit boards and electronic components have to reach in 5mm;

About others revolution’s demand I can in after to say. Some group companies will perhaps keep up with the pace of the Times.

About telecommunications enterprises in every countries I want to say that please don’t develop 6G again, after get 5G. Because this kind of technique has out-dates compare with “Similar God Equipment”. Re-development cans only wasting capital and delaying the pace of human progress.

In each of the above mentioned, hope to browse my article of the people can understand, human survival in what kind of situation, and also think about the future of self-choice, which is under the slave ego or under the freedom the free-ego.

Finally, I hope to extend ‘an olive branch’ to me yet and let the Industrial Revolution spread to the whole world in order to achieve the completion of the revolution and “Similar God Equipment” have nowhere to hide.

I still hold out my hand in China, waiting for our hands to hold together. The common destiny should be done together.

Zan Song (宋贊)
Executive Director

Future-Development Workshop

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PS. <Picture-Story Books> represent that the predecessors retain/bequeath a variety of patterns and be understand the various symbols.