What is a real scientific-technological revolution?



Time flies, and when you see this blogger, it has been shown that 2018 is coming to an end.

In the year, enterprises repeatedly stressed that the industrial revolution of the enterprise and the international Industrial revolution of the current is not the same, and above other revolutions.

I can only say that other industrial revolutions are more modular and not get an essence-leap form for human .

What is an essence-leap?

By my personal understanding is, the first industrial revolution contributed to human industrialization and freed mankind from heavy physical labor.

And industrial revolution of my enterprise (simply saying) is the liberation of human sub-health; in the excessive use of the current digital platform, human-eyes, -cervical spine, -lumbar spine, -prostate, etc. ; sub-health gradually become the greatest threat to mankind.

And the enterprise's industrial revolution is to liberate all of these, so that human beings more easily in the new network system to obtain more health.

This is the enterprise's industrial revolution and other claims of the industrial Revolution differences, based on the way human survival.

To be more intelligent, more healthy, more convenient, to achieve a new social survival state of mankind.

Let's thank them first

The formation of this model, and ultimately to thank the "Similar God Equipment=Godlike Equipment" that inspires my potential. Without their presence, a mediocre person would not be transformed into a genius, whether I will successful or not, humans should thank them in here.

Of course, the existence of "Similar God Equipment=Godlike Equipment" has also caused a lot of confusion, disaster, disputes, death and war to mankind.

This can be seen in my previous blogger content (see PS.).

Because I and "Similar God Equipment=Godlike Equipment" behavior patterns, ideas are completely different, more uncomfortable with their interests for the individual, to guide mankind back to the Colosseum; they behooved became slave owners in the high stands, watching human rivalry and each other of sanguinariness(嗜殺).

Colosseum / Amphitheatrum Flavium

Answer me, please. What would you think if you saw this? Would you like me to say "no" to 'the slave owner 'of this "Similar God Equipment=Godlike Equipment" and fight against it?

Human ignorance

Did you also get what kind of answer?  When the people of your country appealed to their own government to scrutinize a security event?

Many countries all are like this, whether to not find or want to cover up the existence of "Similar God Equipment=Godlike Equipment", I am not known. But when you're curious about "invisible hands" or "God's perception," "out of space aliens " . You can find about you needful answers in my blogger.

I spend too much time with them. So “I am very clear them”, I can say rudely in here, “How many persons can fight with me shoulder to shoulder?”

Now that human weakness has been firmly mastered by "Similar God Equipment=Godlike Equipment", and few people can clear understand what is really "Similar God Equipment=Godlike Equipment"

So I had to come forward and lead the human race to the "Similar God Equipment=Godlike Equipment" say, “We're not your slaves, and animals of you think. We are people, we should have people's freedom, and man is higher than everything(人是萬物之靈).

In 2018, via a meditative way, I summed up the relationship between light and water in chaos inference. This kind of power shows that I have enough ability to lead human beings to integrate all the excellent technologies of the world and make the godlike equipment.

Comical International Needs

Comical Kiss

I belong to national minority of China (Manchu); and not officially recognized within the political level of China. In other words, I am a foreigner of Chinese. 

My identity, I'm also a foreigner in other country. This identity is perhaps the arrangement of nature, for you maybe say ‘God's arrangement’. And this identity can’t threat to any national political system.

Is this arrangement your God or natural result? Wait for essence leap of mankind, and then with heart to analysis and to understand this event how to happen and how to continuous develop.

2018 is about to go. In the new 2019, I will continue the pace of industrial revolution, to my personal goals set steadily forward;

Explain it in your science

As for "Similar God Equipment=Godlike Equipment" is also the product of nature, it is also a "Chessman" of human development, which is in my great love to put forward the industrial revolution and perceived.

My various tests in your psychology show that my sixth sense is not strong; That is to say, they become "Chessman," and I perceive that this is entirely the decision of nature (your God).

What is my existence for?

Why did nature choose me, and "Similar God Equipment=Godlike Equipment" to make me an ordinary person into a genius, this may be like you said, "an era must come out of a great character of the natural phenomenon".

Others what will be expressed in words, I cannot. That is all.

When the human leap will be completed, perhaps I am going to face to face with your God. If that proves me to come into this world again, there is a certain amount of destiny.

I am studying hard to worthlessness; from hard work to not finding a job; never to participate in politics, to worry about everything; from a qualified Chinese citizen to a chinese foreigner.

These gates are closed, leaving only a window of truth. And I stand on the shoulders of giant (Godlike Equipment), opening up human ignorance and saying “no” to the Giant. Isn't this providence?


When you see all these, you will understand that I bring a mission to come into the world. And this mission is to lead mankind to produce a second industrial revolution, open the door of truth, eliminate human confusion, eliminate human disputes and wars, and eliminate unnecessary bondage.

And my education level (a relatively large environment requirement) is a process of human transforming. 

The Industrial Revolution cannot develop too fast, too fast for humans to accept. See if the current industrial revolution has developed in this way? According to China, all my results will be without blame.

I need your cooperation

The human leap is about to begin, my English level is limited, in order to better understand my philosophy of life, please learn Chinese as soon as possible, or find a reliable Chinese translator, in order to better communicate.

As to whether my English level can be improved again, it is no longer important to mankind; it is important that you follow my leadership and reach the realm of human leap.

This kind of man to revolution I am not rare.

Some people in the "Godlike Equipment" under the leisurely life (high up and to ignore the development of human beings), human beings will not seek such people; After all, such a person's wealth, social hierarchy is perhaps "Godlike Equipment" given. Such persons are no qualified to assume the future of mankind.


Hope that in the new Year, the Industrial Revolution of enterprises can be in line with what I think; then the pace of human leap will speed up, and soon stand up to "Godlike Equipment" as an equal, and then achieve the elimination of "Godlike equipment", open to the masses and use.

There are more than 10 days to be your Christmas, and then the New Year.

I sincerely wish you happiness and well-being.

Have a nice day

Zan Song
Executive Director
Future-Tech Workshop

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因為我與他們相處太久的時間。 所以在這裡我可以毫不客氣的說,人類有幾人可以與我並肩作戰呢?





我這種身份,到那個國家都是外國人; 這一點或許是大自然的安排,對於你們可以說是神的安排。對任何國家政治體系都造不成任何的威脅。





棋 子



自然界為何會選定我,而 “神似設備” 又把我一個普通的人打造成一位天才;這或許就是像你們說的,一個時代必須出來一個偉大人物的自然現象。













希望在新的一年, 企業的產業革命可以與我想的相符合;那樣人類飛躍的步伐將加快腳步,很快與“神似設備”可以分庭抗禮,繼而達到消滅“神似設備”;向廣大群眾公開,並使用。




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Why are we not cahoots?



Light, Represents all get luminous characteristic substances.

Stars have their own luminous properties, bright, slightly bright, or not bright. The properties of its stars determine that the universe itself also has the properties of light. i.e. The universe itself is a luminous body.

Assuming the establishment of ‘The Big Bang Theory’, it can be considered that the saturation of light energy reaches a critical value, and the resulting cosmic decomposition, due to the characteristics of light, leads to the continuous expansion of the current universe.

In addition to this macroscopic substance on the microscopic, light; I can't imagine anything else in the universe that could reach the conditions for the expansion of the universe.

There is an old Chinese saying that " Nothing can exist alone (独阴不生,独阳不长)". If  The Big Bang Theory doesn't hold, that means a dot explosion is impossible. So here's my personal thinking:

The original archetype of the universe was a vast expanse. Because of the different energy of each star, the energy distribution in the universe is uneven, which prompts the stars to move continuously in the universe in order to achieve a kind of balance. The sun and the earth are an example of a cosmic balance.

When a dot is got a balance, a black hole is created; and this black hole (pore), which sustains the equilibrium for this dot. It can also be said that there are as many equilibrium points as there are many black holes (this black hole isn’t current black hole of scientific technique).

The Earth itself is a star in the universe. The original archetype of the earth is perhaps either very large or very small, which a game with other stars after drifting, and which continuous game and drifting; and they continuous produce intersection, it prompts the earth produce species, which also prompts to appear the original archetype of human being. At the moment of the encounter with the sun, the Earth ushered in the age of light.

Light prompts the earth has a long period of photosynthesis. Is it conceivable that human photosynthesis is related to plants? The older saying of China ‘Great trees are good for nothing but shade (大树底下好乘凉)’. In the protection of plants, the skin color of human beings began to diverge. That is to say, the amount of green pigment in the human body directly affects the color of human skin.

Base on green pigment reason, which leads to changing of the skin color and size. It’s conceivable that no a factor of oxygen supply cause human diversity, e.g. height.

Why does the breeding rate of the West tall person no higher than the east short person?

Suppose that in the age of cold weapons, if the breeding rate of the West tall person is equal to the breeding rate of the east short person, will there be difference between the east and the west in whole world?

The east and the west have difference, but where is also the difference?  As the saying goes, "A side water and soil raises a side people (一方水土养一方人)".

This kind of difference of water and soil hasn’t been given a clear explanation.

Assuming that the Earth is under the action of no sunlight, the earth is in the relatively dark conditions of the universe, is it conceivable that the species color of the earth is pale or gray. 

At the moment of encounter with the sun, the human occurred to blind spot and at the same time entered in the cave under confusion, in order to survive human constant attempts to get out of the cave; under the cover of plants, physical changes.

Anything all have its relativity, i.e. the external changes urges internal changes. And then produce skin color changes and height difference. It’s pure fantasy and no science proving.

It can be understood that plants are stimulated green pigment and produced greenery in the action of light.

It can explain why humans have the same characteristics and get different appearance characteristics.

If the earth was not exist species in no encounter with the sun, this understanding is not clear and coherent at all. Then before the sun, there was life body on Earth, this life form can conceivable an eternal life body, because the earth has no rotation at that time.

Because of rotation, human being produced the matriarchal society of the men worship women. Because women can continue go on for mankind.

In this way, the basic rudiments of mankind are produced. It can also say that my meditation of exploration has been got the relationship between light and water, which is early or late.

This meditation is produced under conditions of the lack scientific basis. Can this meditation hold, waiting for scientific experiments in order to see this meditation is right or wrong.

According to the above inference, it can be concluded that the universe itself gets life body, and then all everything exist relativity, which can be understood as an entity or an illusory object.

i.e. People can be seen, people is entity object. And aliens can't be seen, it is illusory object. According to human imagining aliens is entity object, at the moment dose it go into solar system it cannot carry on photosynthesis? Do you think aliens will invade humans at the expense of their own appearance?

In other words, aliens are close relatives of humans.

So does the universe really exist for the second sun? The Sci-Tech community has yet to find out.

Based on this, Darwin's theory of evolution is not an exactly right of the discussion, but it does not take into account the factors of light and water.

Human being gets difference character which exists ‘short plate’ (shortcoming) properties.

Because human has ‘short plate’, so human created a god’s idea in order to guide mankind to be more perfect from original thinking.

‘Short plate’ of human, the ego thinks all are very perfect. But ego is also constantly produce ‘short plate’, to show the history of mankind is a war history. Doesn't anyone think that human beings are oaf’s descendants?

Because of the exploration, only the scientific theory of DNA is produced;

So did the mankind explore true God and the false God (similar god equipment=godlike equipment)? And where are the differences between them? Do humans really not want to know?

I think this is impossible, because human beings have the essential characteristics of inquiry. So why is Sci-Tech field so slow not to tell the truth to the human race?

From this reason, I propose an industrial revolution, in order to human beings can get better exploration situation. We have to get rid of the false God (godlike equipment), because the false God (godlike equipment) is impeding the development of a perfect human trend.

We can think of false God as illusory object, and the production of materials certainly has a cause. Otherwise, human will not produce.

Human beings come from the life body of the universe itself, so what is the life body of the false God?

Have human beings researched and developed life body, or the life body of the universe itself, for the false God?

The false God (godlike equipment) is continuous preventing development of my company. Can humans understand, why?

It's like humans have good people and bad guys. They are false God and relative to me, am I also a godlike man?

But I am just an ordinary man and relative to it, the false God is also normal people. If humans really think of the false God as true God, under the false God has also ‘short plate’ of human. What humans are going to face? Only war, it is between Man and false God (i.e. Similar God Equipment =Godlike Equipment).

Whoever gets lose or win, Humans will find the first person to be prompted. Now only I have this idea and want to eliminate the false god in the form of an industrial revolution.

The descendants of mankind regard the present human being as ignorant and idiot at the same time, turning my name out and to understand the contemporary of social state. And then they will record me in the annals of history.

It’s also accord with an older saying of China, ‘A man leaves behind a name, a wild goose leaves behind a voice (人过留名,雁过留声)’.

Also stand for my life meaning that my life is carrying the mission of history. It is more proof of the meaning, why I may safe stand out from the corruption of China.

more detail to view this link  http://weibo.com/zahnsong 

Doesn't mankind need a true God? If there is no true God, where will the perfect trend of human beings go in the future?

Only by eliminating false God and retaining the true God will humans welcome to a perfect answer.

Anyone let me say what the future of humanity will be, and I can't answer it. Due to the existence of false God causes the future unknown nature of mankind.

Assuming that the false gods are eliminated, the future of mankind will be a qualitative leap forward, and perhaps find close relatives of human beings in the universe and know the true origin of human beings.

Have a nice day

Zan Song
Executive Director

Future-Tech Workshop

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