Humans should not be afraid of aliens.


It is not clear why ‘Stephen William Hawking’  is not afraid of humans-selves, but "Aliens".   

<The Bigbang Theory> says, by the "The Primeval Atom" explosion, while producing the universe. Within the same level, space, mind that hurled matter should be the same from "The Primeval Atom". It is chemical reactions that cause different stars to exist throughout the universe.

Base on elements, all within the chemical periodic table.

The periodic table still has some elements that are not found. Assuming < The Bigbang Theory> holds true, humans are not the only living bodies in the universe, humans and aliens come from the same "The Primeval Atom".

Should be pleased to have the opportunity to fill in new elements to make the chemical periodic table more perfect.

Humans are likely to find other undiscovered elements from aliens.

If the mass of people doesn’t know much about "God-like Equipment", even if humans refer to it as "Aliens" in current, can the masses via it find other chemical elements that humans have not yet discovered?

Humans should be afraid of humans-selves, not aliens.

Human beings are the root of all evil, and plus the beautification of the survival of the fittest makes human beings more terrible. Even if there are "aliens", with the relativity theory to deduce, "aliens" is only a copy of human beings, who is the root of the source of goodness. If it is not relatival, "aliens" are flawed, then there is no ability to compete with humans.

From a geological point of view, it is the earth's life itself is too vicious, too much chaos, leading to the earth's continuous self-renewal. The universe is also worried that no goodness creatures rule the universe.

To try thought, do other creatures have no thought? Through the constant assessment of the universe that leads to the change of the earth, to a time dot universe discovers that human goodness is relative to it. And then produce human beings.

This is the feedback of the original human society to the universe. i.e. goodness.

If human beings don't continues give up evil- and greed-thoughts, and at the expense of killing, humans will no longer be the masters of the earth, and cannot meet the conditions of the universe's own existence.

The universe is naturally formed, and when the Earth is given tides, there is a marked shift in the human mentality that is beyond human control.

This may be a harbinger of human extinction. it's also that universe-nature give a warning to human, “there's a beginning, there's an end, the earth is still the earth.

When evil-, greed-thoughts begin, whether to take into account individual own tidal phenomenon, this is the earth is still  inconclusive a concept, "the relationship in God, Ghost and Man."

The collection's range of {+0, -0} is very broad, but when the various disciplines are integrated, and the top scientists, they cannot also escape the philosophical realm.

This is a fact that humans cannot explain or refute at the present time.

The unpretentious mind-guide found by our ancestors, i.e. Universe-Nature. This requires equivalent goodness between universe and man, and then to discover its inner real meaning.

Man's awe of the natural universe, i.e. man's awe of goodness.

Without awe, man will be bold. Be bold, can appear evil- and greed-thoughts to transform each other. When greedy without greed, it's when human beings disappear.

China's <I-Ching> book is only a part of the ancients summary, nothing can escape his philosophical scope (Rumored, a large number of ancient philosophical books in the West were destroyed by fire). Explained that humans go from passing through no tides and to having tides, there is no development or ascension at all, just to spoil the earth, to satisfy continuous growing human greed.
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God-like Equipment is aliens or high-tech of development. Humans must recognize a fact, human beings must return to the universe's nature, re-enter the philosophical field of guidance, and then find the opposite of the universe's goodness.

Otherwise humans will be unable to escape the end of extinction.

Zan Song
Executive Director

Future-Tech Workshop

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Bigbang理論》說,由奇點爆炸,而產生宇宙。 在同一時空,同一等級範圍內,奇點分離出的物質應該是相同的。 是化學反應導致不同的星體存在於整個宇宙。


週期表仍有空白是沒有發現的元素。 假設Bigbang理論成立的話,人類不是宇宙內的唯一生命體,人類與外星人都來至於同一個奇點





人類是萬惡之源的根本,適者生存的美化,促使人類更加的可怕。 即使存在外星人,以相論對來推導,外星人僅是人類的翻版,是善之源的根本。 如果不具有相對性,外星人就是有缺陷,那麼根本沒能力有與人類抗衡。

以地質學角度來看,是地球上生物本身的惡性太大,亂象太多,導致地球不斷的自我更新。 宇宙也擔心沒有善的生物統治整個宇宙,繼而產生人類。

試想,其它生物沒有思維嗎? 是宇宙不斷的考核,導致地球的變遷,後發現人類的善與其相對。 




這或許是人類滅亡的一個預兆。 也是宇宙自然給人類的一個警告,有開始就有結束。


{+0, -0} 集合的範圍非常的廣泛, 但是當把各學科結合起來,再頂尖的科學工作者,都逃不出哲學範疇。


前人所發現的樸實無華的思維導向,即,宇宙自然。 這需要與宇宙的善對等,才會發現其內的意義。


心無敬畏,就會膽大,膽大就會產生惡念、貪念相互轉化。 等到貪無可貪的時候,就是人類消失的時候。

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