My wrong comes from realism


The first, I overestimate in the contemporary of mankind.

The mainstream of society dominated by Godlike Equipmenthumans seem to be enjoying self-pleasure in it. The dangers are directly linked to future wars.

For example, Godlike Equipment create a religion, which has completely ability to that (In last century 90s, self-immolation endless stream, was a gentleman's act?).

The unity of thinking and the irresistible obscurity, Finally, Scene, Not terrorist?

It can be seen what uses High-Science-technology, and to control thought of human being, in order to achieve its ambition. Human must revolt and kill itsooner and later.

Second, I underestimate my ability too much.

At present, human pursuit is in the zero range (PS. 5), to see the picture below.

Moreover, under the indoctrination of image via space-transmission by Godlike Equipment.  My brain image has turned back into the space of mankind unknown.

This may be that your true God, let the ambitious know, and then pray to God, repent, all will useless, God will punish them.

In China's <i-Ching>, they are only Progresss marmot by my divination, and they have some of the ability to fly, run, swim, climb, drill. Although it can directly interfere with the thinking of the human brain, gloriously named to engage in research; But their ability cannot achieve their ideal state.

Godlike Equipment cannot hide itself, certain occur to war in the human sober. But the strong and weak are obvious!

What should human being clear know.

Some people know that Godlike equipment exist. or too high a status, or bad things to done too much, or got the benefit, or blocked, or hope all in Godno public words to allow it development.

To be sure, above group's several generations people will be slaves under the new model. When the mainstream of society wants to oppose Godlike equipment, they can get the threat of godlike (Natural death, or to public with ugly thing first, and then drown the evidence).

Inside godlike will also dominate the enslaved persons, and fighting for their respective advocates (this is invisible), and then occur to the conflict. Uses of gun and cannon, that is the war.

Philosophy tells mankind: do not play to ourselves; Don't lose confidence, ieThe industrial revolution must to succeed.

Matter comes from nature, cannot exist alone, will certainly match it, this is the truth of heaven and earth.

About the behavior of Godlike Equipment to me (society is a politics), Its purpose is nothing more than "buried".

To achieve I set the Nobel Prize goals. Keep adding my own computing model to my articles. There's well-founded and no rules. Let the group dominated by Godlike Equipment have no way to start. Avoiding intellectual property rights competition.

So here has a statement (PS. 1).

Whether human awakening or not, the success of the industrial revolution, in fact, has nothing to do with me.

First, although godlike equipment for decades, want me to develop anorexia, but I still adhere to the Nobel Prize.

Second, this summer to keep "Kun" hidden "Creative", my north-east hometown is not hot in China, confirmed that the climate change did not affect me (PS. 2).

Third, the intervention of godlike equipment, I have no wife, no children, as long as take good care of the parents 20 years (When equipment and politics interfered with me, I grabbed the time, someone trusted God and politics, And many people are staring at them now, honesty or dishonesty), in after, no worries at all (PS.3).

What the industrial revolution needs is a real revolution.

Compared with the steam age, does the revolution need to be preached?

I don't want to be a hero, myself. This is non-personal ability what can achieve, but nature entrusted this mission to me, what is human leap, and avoiding human bleeding and the war.

Hoping, you can understand what is good and what is better (PS. 4).

Have a nice day

Zan Song
Executive Director

Future-Tech Workshop

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2,  What need else ask about “Climate Change”?

3,  Who can tell me, which kind of politics is better in current?Where (/which country) comes from the “Godlike Equipment” ? Why in the political system, cannot admit its actions, and explain it?

4,  <Youthful Folly> and <Difficulty at the beginning>, Both is put upside down

5,  Even if a second earth is found, will humans migrate? Will human race change after emigration? Will race change produce humans' own Star Wars?

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似神設備主導的社會主流,人類好像還自得其樂世界中。 其危害,直接關聯到未來戰爭的可能性大大提昇。

例如,似神設備打造一個宗教,完全有這個能力(上世紀90年代,自焚層出不窮,是君子行為嗎? )


可見其利用科技,控制人的大腦思維,達成自己的野心。 人類必須起義,幹掉它,這是早晚的事。


當下人類追求的都在 "的範圍(附註.5),看下圖。



在中國《易經》中,他們也僅是我卜筮到的“晉”的鼫鼠,(有些本領能飛,跑,游,爬,鑽)。 雖然可以直接干預人類大腦思維,美其名曰,搞研究;但其能力達到不到他們的理想狀態。

設備不能掩飾自身,必然與人類清醒後而戰爭。 但強弱顯而易見!



可以肯定,以上人群幾代人會成為新模式下的奴隸,當社會主流要反對似神設備時,他們會得到設備的威脅(自然死亡,或醜事先公開。 而淹沒證據)





為了達到我設定的諾貝爾獎目標。 不斷的在文章中加入自己的計算模型。 有根有據,沒有任何章法,讓似神設備主導的群體無從下手,避免智慧財產權被爭奪。

所以在這裡設定了聲明(附註. 1



其二,今年夏天守“坤”藏“乾”,我的家鄉不熱,證實氣候改變沒有影響到我 (附註. 2)

第三,設備的干預,我無妻、無子,只要照顧好父母20(設備干擾我搶到的,有人信任的神,一拍兩瞪眼),之後根本無後顧之憂 (附註. 3)




希望明白,什麼是好,什麼是更好。 (附註. 4).



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1,  本革命是真實的,絕不存在巧合。



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2,  對“氣候變化”還有需要問的嗎?

3,  誰能告知,那種體制好? 似神設備來至於哪個國家?為什麼身居的政治體系,既不承認其行為,也不解釋呢?

4, 《蒙》,《屯》互綜。

5,  就算找到第二個地球,人類會移居嗎?移居後,人類是否會人種改變?人種改變會產生人類自己的星球大戰嗎?