The sculptor is perhaps the first cultural person


During think about <Retribution Saturation Theory>,

∑(Eall)= ∑all(∫tt+1(G) dt)

∑(Eall)= Eearth = mc^2 = ∑all(∫tt+1(G) dt)

Suddenly I produced a thought “Does human degeneration related to culture evolution?” 

Write this article, I hope that under the textual research can draw an inference results.

The primary of thought

The world’s various carvings and Chinese Qin terracotta warriors.

What is the culture?

In my opinion, Culture is “some kind of understanding and memory of human being aim at nature”.

The cultural beginning is the mark which made by the sharp things, and which continues improving. It runs from mouth to mouth, each other imitation in the ethnic group. This person who makes the mark is the first generation of cultural person of human being.

Under the continuous improvement of marks and communication with the foreign groups; each considers the importance of identity every ethnic group, no same ethnic group begin to diverge and even argue. Until one day, occur to the war between no same ethnic groups. This is perhaps the first war in human history, i.e. Culture Vertex War.

After the huge people death, every ethnic group is looking for themselves survival place, for get more peace situation (Of course someone think it's for food to produce racial divergent and wars, which are all staged; So why is it that humans are separated, my hypothesis can tenable)

In this after, base on the marks of every ethnic group produced self-characters and language. In “Oaf” lay on the culture high-point condition, the human had been forgotten what time is the first war, and how began. Until the industrial revolution before and after the historical records more detailed, the people found that the culture vertex has always affected war and peace of human being.

Also to say, the human history is what vie culture vertex of the war history.

This can also reflect, In the case of great cultural differences between East and west, a primitive culture that has been continuing, i.e. carving.

Sculpture is the beginning of cultural history, and is also the beginning of human history, and even is beginning of a history of war. Until in the present culture vertex still affects world’s peace.

If culture person didn’t appear, the human laid on muddle period who only know how to defend other species and did not occur to kill each other.

The original intention of culture is good, but in big social environment of “Oaf” mentality, to imitate defense mode of other species, to begin human evolution, i.e. Survival of the fittest.

Society is from electoral system to dictatorship, and then return to electoral system. The evolution of human social system can be understood as the survival mode of “Oaf” and whom descendants under the evolution of times.

From ‘point a deer call as a horse’ of China Qin, to the queen of Egypt; these represent survival mode of the time's pet. One day they will be eliminated from the "new Oaf".

Slowly the social is contently advancement, the human is contently degeneration (base on clever in mind and skillful in hand), and it’s culture effect. It can also be understood that, in every field, there are some great people who will dominate the human race. Then humans think, forward, rethink again, go ahead again, until the contemporary.

From China's opium-War to the world's Anti-opium campaign; from collection of natural resources to protection; these are very good proof.

From robotics to AI-technique, again to open-platform of my future company; from this aspect to say that the human isn’t advancement, but continue to degenerate.

Until one day, the new open platform to complete, humans do not need any knowledge system, in the integration of knowledge; equipment has been summed up to help human computing very clearly;

For example: if you can’t Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and all predecessors’ scientific achievements will via computational integration mode integrated input your brain, and then to reach the same with Newton, Einstein get scientific great man's thought.

For above an example I want to also say my viewpoint, in the contemporary of elite group I am conservatively to look on them.

Because I know that invisible-equipment already exists, its spread is much faster than the year 2000 ago. And some people enjoy it. 

These has a lot of elites in here, and they only think about a reason which is the opportunity, and don’t think about that when things continues to change, suddenly invisible-equipment cease to supply of thought’s needs, this kind of persons can change what kind of person, are you clear?

Isn't it just an "idiot"?

Does our society need "idiots" to manage it? Such a person's wealth is only various accounts that the equipment operator dispersed in the society. They will evolve into a lamb to be slaughtered, continue to be slaughtered;

Slowly and slowly the whole society will return to slavery, the equipment operators are also going from behind the curtain to the front desk. This is a hypothesis in the absence of success of company revolution.

This assumption you can consider absurd. When the wheel of the Times inadvertently rolled over, how will our descendants refer to us?

Is it the advanced ancient species of mankind, or the "idiot of ‘point a deer call as a horse’ "?

The existence of equipment should be the least 50 years if it is not a century; in this long time, Do You know how many politicians they have nurtured, how many amassed wealth of lamb's accounts they have nurtured or are nurturing?

Now I'm 43 years old and I'm not interested in politics. But when politics event befall, I can come up with the way to deal with it, because my talents are not the result of their indoctrination, so I can fight with them. And those who have been instilled statesmanship, do they dare?

This is a phenomenon in today’s society, although I know the relatively late, but my starting is very high.

Due to their political model, leads me to generate some small political opinions. Their acceptance is my personal political achievement. This point is get gratification in any civilian class.

But they only accepted my thoughts instead of my whole person, but via let others use my ideas to accomplish their personal accomplishments that they think can foster person.

This is I considered for the least exists 50 years of invisible-equipment and in the present and future a think.

When the invisible-equipment thought I was useless, I had set up the flag of revolution in Chinese land.

The revolution is not for me, but for the future of all mankind.

If someone says, ' Don't be that big ability, don't take this big thing ', that’s all I can tell them, "Don't blame me, and to blame my charitable heart and universal values."

I have no blame when someone deprives my learning opportunities; I have also no blame when someone uses my thoughts to accomplish his political achievements. I still have no blame when someone uses my experience to become a screenplay for money.

But, when I saw all fortunate and unfortunate events in the world, I have the reflection and action, and take up the clarion and say “Revolution” to whole world, i.e. Industrial Revolution.

I said in the previous article, "Good people may not get good retribution," but "bad people must get good retribution?"

This is now I am thinking what is "retribution saturation" of a starting point; in the condition of limited knowledge, in the atavism instinct, I will try my best to figure out this result.

Finally, at the end of this article, still remind everyone that you are their wealth of a lamb account?

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