Merry Christmas


With the passage of time, we will soon see a brand-new year 2018; During this year, from every national efforts to every enterprise efforts, and to my personal efforts will lay a solid foundation for 2018;

To save everyone time, this year's annual summary of a long story short;

The first:

2017 is a special year, in the internationally

Political Aspects:  Terrorist incidents relative decrease;  Constantly occurred "Banner Slogans" of people independence mood;

Science & Technology Aspects: From various group companies'public reports knew, Sci & Tech is continuous improvements,but progress rule is not large;

Economic Aspects: The rise of protectionism of internationally appeared a clear economic prospects which is good or bad, the people could not see clearly.

Above several points although with my company no get a major business relationship, but get very important significance;


or Others: https://industeryrevolution.blogspot.com/ 

Without many words, please seriously consider.

In China aspects, because everyone gets own's thought of situation, so in here without to say it. if you have like know my opinion, please view Chinese part.

The second:

The strong momentum of company development bring "Slogans" of Industrial Revolution, it continues appeared in international scene, special it mentioned about Tech of various group companies by media.

No matter what way, what kind of model; indirectly proved, my company' slogans of Industrial Revolution has been effected whole world.

This a point, please the people to search it in various media.

In others word, I can undoubted, my slogans of Industrial Revolution accords with the needs of the current international stage and the requirements of human development.

In this an international environment, hopefully, everyone will have some convergence of personal favors.After all, base on  various aspect analysis can get a fact, ie. the mankind demands a real Industrial Revolution, rather than a specious industrial revolution.

The third:

In next year 2018, on the solid foundation of the company is still strive for $ 1 billion of capital, in order to achieve sustainable development, base on it can change the mankind and quickly spin-off in the future.

Now the company isn't worry about the $ 1 Billion; When nature chose me as the initiator of present Industrial Revolution, there will be some arrangement in nature, let the mankind to face me in continually struggle to search for truth, or to face me in before the events don't happen to seek truth.  This all is not who can alone archive under current legal systems, special like as me, no excellent certificates and skills, no anyone background, no capital.

In coexistence of truth and hypocritical truth, nature can give a perfect answer, not personal effort can be obtained. After all, there is not yet an open world in current.

International various media are a mirror, in here not to mention it.

Certainly, I still hope that every Sci & Tech research system of the world can take my industrial revolution to the top, ie. the first in your heart. In this condition it's not only a year of rapid development of your research, but also a year of rapid development of "Anshan Baihe Jian Consulting LLC" in 2018.      

When my company exists the first place of whole mankind heart, the mankind will understand what is real change that science-technology brings to the mankind.

Birth,Old age,Illness and Death are not a problem again. The question is how to survive of humans in an autonomous environment in the future. And also to break various slave model of current society.

Because I believe the mankind will certain change, so I searched to many surmise base on humans development aspect, with what to change. The end I get a result and very definite, only my industrial revolution of Anshan Baihe Jian can change present situation of  the mankind, and let the mankind enters in a novel outset.

With the same as Maya race in before existence, Maya's race end is also a starting point. The truth is same.

Business prospects are broad, more is the embodiment of truth, though naturally gives me a little skill, but in retrospect, originally prepared for the industrial revolution from my experience of everything.

Therefore, I obtained some truth that had happened everything in Germany (Deutschland) and China; This is perhaps according with " 30 self-help, 40 not confused for age" old adage.

Writing on this, we hope everyone in the new year, all wishes come true.

Merry Christmas

Zan Song
Executive Director
Anshan Baihe Jian Consulting LLC

----------------- 新年快樂 --------------------------



首先: 2017年是一個不平凡的一年,從國際來看:






或其他: https://industeryrevolution.blogspot.com/

話不多說, 請大家認真的考慮。


政治方面: 國家各階級分化不斷加大;國家在這方面,處理的不太明顯;雖然國家不斷的在打虎,但是一年幾個,百姓何時才會看到“春天”;

經濟方面: 在相對飽和的基礎上,仿名牌效應依舊沒有改變;換句話說,自主創新能力不強,企業生存空間被壓制;國家在這方面,制定的方案有待調整;

科技方面: 從飛船升空到網企發展AI科技,技術根本沒有達到本企業的要求;即使才剛剛起步,但是前景令人擔憂;依舊延續跟人“屁股”走的科技發展狀態;












當然,我依舊希望各大科研體系,可以把我的產業革命提到首位, 即:心中首位。那樣2018年不僅是你們的科研高速發展的一年,也是鞍山捭闔楗高速發展的一年。








就說到這吧, 希望大家在新的一年裡,心想事成。