Is the species starting to Back-Bite


Philosophically explained that the development of science and technology is lucky to be accompanied by disaster. 1

When nuclear pollution caused a flood of cancer, HIV entered the West at the same time as medical science was almost the right remedy for cancer, and a variety of upper respiratory diseases continued to emerge.2

Assuming the elimination of conspiracy theories, is it understandable that humans are facing a gradual process of variation?3

The human variant is a positive and optimistic view.4

With a negative perspective to look at variation, human being is facing extinction danger.5

From the physics-perspective of a philosophy's brand to explain, when a theory reaches its limit, it begins to hit a restricted bottleneck, or it starts to go backwards, return to its original point, and start again.6

This philosophical point of view is equivalent to the "No destruction, no creation" natural phenomenon in Chinese theory.7

From the continental plates of the dinosaur era to the continental plates in which human beings are perceived today, they are created by the forces of nature, not by human sand.8

The mankind does not know how to be produced, but also do not know how to be perished. In philosophy this is unchanging dialectical thinking.9

The micro-smallest particle of physics cognition, “Quarks”, and "Quarks" are very much in line with the thinking of <I-Ching>`s macro that left over from China's ancient times.10

"I-Ching" in everyone's thinking, there are different thinking patterns. If the link between the macro and the micro, whether it can open the bottleneck in the intellectual world, I dare not say, but human beings can re-cognition the nature, which is very sure.11

When this Book of <I-Ching> told me, "The Nature Is Bad", based on own mode of thinking, it is not difficult to think that the current epidemic, that the mankind infuriates nature.12

And naturally, <I-Ching> told me also, "The Nature, he really wants to help mankind, but because of his alone and helpless, so is be determined, leading to every human war, disease, death."

And the source of all this, completely to “self-brew and must self-drink” of humans, and completely to the mentally imperfect of call the king’s result.13

The emergence of this argument, not to speak hearsay evidence, which is the better evolved thinking model of human beings. From human beginning to today, this kind of person of call the King, whom mind simply is not fully evolving into a normal mind, who is like beast to trample on better evolved human civilization(mind).14

What a pity! Still today, most of peoples still think that this a normal human behavior, and very yearn for be this kind of person of the mentally imperfect.15

This makes nature who is unable equivalence with human beings, nor is it possible to satisfy the wishes of normal people who love peace and avoid disease and catastrophe.16

Suppose, human normal thinking is buried, nature simply has no ability to change the status quo of mankind, and finally the nature will cruel be determined to exterminate human beings, just like dinosaurs.17

Human skeletons will be the consumer goods of the next generation of life on Earth, from the current consumer goods will understand that all come from ancient times, not the products of the present.18

When nature decides to be cruel, any human earnest hope and prayer will become an excuse for nature to exterminate human beings, no longer a reason to be forgiven.19

Should humans rethink whether the various epidemic diseases that are emerging today, the nature carry out the gradual extinction of humans, step by step, by something or invisible hand?20

Think carefully, beginning carefully, and then behavior carefully. The mankind will perhaps have a chance to achieve some balance with the nature, and to avoid cruel determination of the nature to exterminate “dinosaur-like human beings”.21

Zan Song
Executive Director

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