Do humans need prison break?


Man must be oppressed (exhausted) by himself to shine light PS.1

Humans use different perspective to see problem, because of self-rotation of the earth and sun. So, with my own perspective, to observe the framework pattern of everything in the universe, and then derive the correct cosmic values that have been passed down over thousands of years.

The first, the mind takes the earth as the reference (the earth's self-oppressed)

Each stage of a person is like ring by circle gradually getting bigger, but whatever how big, but also no larger than the earth.

This phenomenon is referred to as "Closed Prisons".

"Closed" that humans cannot explain a phenomenon at present yet.

"Prison" that the person cannot be separated from an entity.

The second, the mind takes the solar system as the reference (the sun's self-dedication)

The sun is a fireball of high temperature, and it's hard to have stars hurt it. Whether it likes the earth or not, must protect the lonely earth that from being destroyed by other stars. And this kind of self-trapped form trapped the earth.

Because of the earth self-rotation, so arrange a moon, which tell the earth, even in the darkness, also have a direction of light. 

This self-dedication mode likes also a “closed prison”.

The third, the mind takes in- and out-galaxy system as reference (the galaxy self-dedication)

Base on known to humans about the galaxy system, that likes a cocoon, which to prevent naughty meteorite from hamper regular operation of the earth.

On the rule of cosmos, the earth is from oviparity to embryo, from out- to inside, what prove again that cosmos protects survive form of the earth.

The cosmos, which has ring by circle mode of the operation yet, ie. The protection, that also takes shape a “closed prison”. 

On the network, somebody said that the earth is a prison of aliens, which is very graphic metaphor.

Above three aspect can see that geocentric theory is not without reason. The human mind pattern corresponds to the cosmos, also is “closed prison”, which comes from a kind of resonance form with cosmos, doesn't need prison break and can get cosmos resonance PS.2.   

Human being must clearly, the relationship between human mind and the resonance of cosmos. And then man can make a right choice, and have an intrinsically change. Otherwise all the changes are basically empty talk, not to achieve practical results.

Practical results in here, take cosmos to earth generate results as a reference.  

The resonance comes from quality.

The fire 500 years ago ignited the current system of thinking. But forget the basic framework of the universe, the earth and the people.

It's a problem of two sides of one body. Namely, how extensive is your quality, your mind will carry how deep.

In the 500 years development period, how many deaths and injuries, is there a lack of moral reason? Leading to saturation in current science.

To see Geocentric Theory again, in today the cosmos value, entire accord with what did not explain clearly from predecessors, why the earth was center of the sun system.

This is a spiritual bedding planes, not a scientific level, and humans must see it clearly.

The spirit emptiness facilitates no life goal, and then occur to risk impulse.

In the sun shine and moon, when the earth will still be shrouded in gloom, and not intrinsically beastly change (or the base person in power 小人當道), the cosmos will according to itself laws to change the earth (i.g. Jurassic Destruction).

The base person小人 here, with in current “Godlike Equipment” as delegate. Because a lot of events in the world have something to do with it. For example, 9·11 events etc.

Its routine is, the first is suppress (don't you resist), and then deprive life mode (Money-making opportunity), the third that it can guide you depend on get some social status person, the last remove all. And in god- and ghost-unknown, “Godlike Equipment” will advancement and gets rich. 

What is also the hope of the earthif this way is allowed to continue?

This way can control many media and officers, but cannot control gentleman quality rising.

Look at Jurassic Period again, its demise came from intrinsically beastly character, not for other reasons.

If human being is still not to change intrinsically beastly character, the earth will continue to change until it resonates with the cosmos.

It is estimated that it will one day, cosmic light will illuminate the Earth (non-technological), and will not need a medium like the sun again.

In 500 years ago, geocentric theoryPS.3 is perhaps the beauty of resonance between man and cosmos. But directional error is that its beauty is married to a bad husband (遇人不淑 above way routine), bring great crisis to mankind.

Shouldn't we revolutionize the current “Godlike Equipment”, please yourself choose.

Remember, evil can never prevail over the orthodoxy of the universe, ie. Evil can never conquer right.

Don't say, Ah! “Godlike Equipment” operators are aliens. If they are non-people. I will guide mankind in the battle between right and evil in guideline of outer galaxy.

There's an old saying in China, “Bird of a feather flock together, but cannot be resigned to circumstance to fit”物以類聚,人以群分,但不能苟合 that is truth.

Therefore, the development of industrial revolution is for the moral cultivation of human beingsto revolutionize “Godlike Equipment” is also about avoiding the scourge of human destruction.

Zan Song
Executive Director

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  • 1, <I-Ching>`s No.47 “Kun”.
  • 2, Time cannot prison break, but the mind can. In other words, the mind is the basic measure of cosmos.
  • 3, Perhaps a large number of the oldest books have been burned, leading to errors in understanding.



人必須自困 1,才會發出其光輝
















基於以上三點,可見地心說不無道理,人的思維模式與宇宙相對應的,也是“封閉式的監獄”,來至於與宇宙之間的共振形式,無需越獄就會得到 2











這裡的小人,以當下的“神似設備”為代表。因為世界上的很多事件與它有關。例如9·11 等。














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  • 1,《易經》的困卦, 47卦。 
  • 2, 時間是不能越獄的,但思維是可以越獄的。換句話說,思維是宇宙的基本度量衡。
  • 3, 或許大量書籍被燒毀,導致理解上產生誤差。