Transition of Human Beings


Humans are gregarious species, and when society inherits that the individual itself has a small universe, are you thought that the universe discovered by man depends on other universes?

One is dependent, the other is not dependent. Dependence or not, will you choose the one with the current development of science and technology?

No such relevant research conclusion has been seen in science. But I know that when everyone comes to this world, they have their own value, and the embodiment of each person's value is a key to the new era of mankind.

The above is my personal understanding.  

In psychology, the definition of assimilation is to transform different information over each person's understanding into a message that is acceptable to him, and that information goes into personal thinking and adapts.

And then this kind of thinking assimilation has the premise, is it the good or the bad beginning?

Throughout human history, many of the accepted provisions are relatively lagging behind.

For example, the law; the law arises only after the person has interacted with the person. Today, every country has a written "network Law", 40 years ago there is no "network law." This is a very good example.

Problems arise, and to solve problems. Not be vigilant in peace time and this attitude is not suitable for this revolution. Because the future of meeting with the public equipment, will directly let people death, and will also prolong people's lives.

The company makes some written provisions on the prediction of the situation that human beings will happen and after the revolution, so that human beings in a new environment to achieve a harmonious situation.

This is the necessity of human development.

The company also takes into account my mission as a ‘governor of one or more enterprises’ (节度使), and when the world recognizes that revolution is a human necessity, society will appear in a variety of enterprises to respond to the revolution.

Based on this, the company initially took into account the characteristics of human uneven, in order to avoid the future crisis of mankind, to avoid some people incompetent fill the position
(滥竽充数), taking into account the following points, I hope that all mankind can accept the following hard provisions:

First: Any enterprise involved in the revolution must be registered with my company, and published by the company's official website; let the world supervise, and accept the company's governor (节度).

Second: When joining, please submit the original intention of the individual revolution, by the company to review, as the basis for the future of its enterprise governor;

Third: After the registration of the enterprise, it is necessary to pay a certain fee each year. This fee will be governor funds.

This provision will keep pace with the times with the revolution.

When human beings rely on a small number of scientific and technological personnel, human beings will also get a small number of information, which is simply impossible to face the future evolution of survival.

To pursuit of a better survival environment, not only a few people to build things, but also the responsibility of all human beings.

If the revolutionary enterprise is not registered with my company, once his success, humanity will face a dark age.

Rather than being assimilatedit’s better to with me join to this revolution of be assimilated and active assimilation.

This is a factual epic of future human survival.

I believe there are not a few silly people in the world, only the information is obstruction.

The Industrial revolution yet continues, and for the sake of the future direction of mankind, the revolution will follow through; even if the company does not have enough capital now. Your people, ghosts, and gods will help me, because they also need to live in their own favorable environment.

That's all I can do right now.

Have a nice day

Zan Song
Executive Direction

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PS.   what is governor?

Governor is

The management of enterprises in various countries is subject to the supervision of their own enterprises, the direction of their development is subject to the supervision of their own enterprises, and the unpleasant things happened to human beings are subject to the supervision of their own enterprises for the first time.

But each country's management, management and operation rights are entirely dominated by an enterprise. It is not within the scope of supervision of the enterprise.

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例如,法律; 法律的產生是在人與人交往之後才產生。今天每個國家都有成文的《網路法》,在40年前是不存在《網路法》的。這是非常好的一個例證。






第一: 任何參與革命的企業,必須在本公司掛號註冊;並由本公司官方網站公佈,讓世人監督,並接受公司的節度。













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節度使:各國企業的管理接受本企業的監督, 個企業發展方向接受本企業監督,人類所發生的不愉快事情,第一時間接受本企業的監督。