Classification is the war’s start


What is test criterion of truth?

Although I don’t agree Darwin’s <Theory of Evolution >, I don’t really give any evidence to refute his theory. But I agree with an opinion of thought his theory, i.e. “survival of the fittest”. Plus own characteristic with social phenomenon and nature relation to product some my thought.

To analyze this problem, I always involuntary carry out things classify. Don’t classify my thought can unlimited decentralization. Where is classify from?

After, I got a conclusion. There has a magnetic field where will exist classification. Any biology all can have classified instinct in magnetic field. (I didn’t see classification books; if my understanding is roughly the same as the book’s content, it is not such simply of coincidence).

The earth own is a magnetic field and via own characteristic to separate all kind of substances. Man is living in this field, and this field is relative stable; I call it as saturation area. The behavior of people is shown here.

The behavior’s good or bad, fortunate or un- reaches a balance in this area, because of the thought composition is from various substance integration, so it definite everyone fate toward. 

Perhaps can this understanding, according to classify principle of magnetic field; when the behavior reach a saturation, itself substance can jump out the saturation area into unstable area. Due to huge magnetic field action, the same substance will follow its movement, and different substance will be rejected.

In this condition the world appears “retribution”.

Due to substance matching also show exclusion in huge magnetic field, after the same substance has been admitted.

This situation is also our often see a result “A good man doesn’t have a good retribution”.

So we are living in saturation area, please remember “Noninterference”. i.e. In external force drives the base from the base to the excitation, it will achieve good or bad which is totally from “Noninterference”, unless forget life and death.

About my idea comes from free reverie what is from me and society and the earth and the sun; the primary intention is how to refute <Cosmic explosion theory>, during the refutation I did not expect that let me discover the essence of "survival of the fittest."

The formation of the idea conception:

A kind of blending; under the external force I entered into a new environment, in which through blending, the rejection reached a relatively balanced state of the present.

From this point to go, as much as possible to avoid the classification method, in relative way to analyze whether the Earth itself is within the solar system or no.

Only the distance adjustment between the Earth and the sun, produced various eras (geology research). The rotation can only be achieved by the effect of the magnetic poles.

The formation of this rotation, which leads to the establishment of time, and the composition of this time prompted the life of that time, from the night into the light, from Eternal to the time limit in the earth; At that time for life’s eternal, without knowing the blood of kin and produced the human embryo. Elapsed time process, the first generation of human “Oaf” came into being.

From the adaptation to the degradation till appears “Oaf”. In natural rules and atavism is continuous emergence, a part of “Oaf” begun to understand contents of <picture- story books> (which is from ancestors’ record and to teach his children) and Human beings opened a kind of civilization from chaos situation.

In the effect of the magnetic field, some of the smarter began to each other repel and separated, until the human community survive in every corner of the whole continental plate. When the continental plate is separated, human beings have reached the present state of human beings.

Perhaps may be able to explain why the highest realms (Various Religious Doctrine) of human beings come to the same point.

Otherwise, human eyes are so well, there are no observable starts, and ancient books have their records. What kind of eyesight is that?

Even as I said, during kid I saw a black spot on the sun. Suppose I can paint, also get 10 years of discipline, still have that ability, whether can I draw a star map?

I don't think it's possible, atavism is a phenomenon, and this phenomenon on the basis of previous generations has been continuous degradation. This ability also only shows that the ancestors of the human beings get this kind of capable and very strong. Modern people can’t available.

My own characteristic of brain’s eye, it can see some things, and a big part of things I have been never seen in books or films. Is it also to say that the human instinct does not come from the effect of the magnetic field, but from itself?

The above result comes from my own instinct and the social effects of the magnetic field.

It is also very clear that in human relative to the Earth's thinking limitations, leading to the limited character of the theory, also to say why every theory is unilateral rather than integrity. It is not a human fault; because of still not to look ahead the original source of human beings. If solar system is only as a carrier, not the first situation of human survival, I think humans will reach a relatively full theory.

There is a common saying in China that practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.

After human formation, a force has always dominated human development, i.e. Super Imagination.

From <the sky’s stars> to Einstein's <theory of generalized opposition> also to <the big bang of the universe>, it comes from the super imagination.

I want to connect with Hawkins’s brain, not only want to see his disease from where, whether and my social experience is the same – non replicable character; even if someone wants to recopy, who will also endure the torment of pain. It was a pity that he left the world.

On the base of this cause, I personally did not reach the cultural level (certificate) of science and technology. See the relevant articles on the network, and take the ability to quote out of context; Referring to me and society, society and the Earth, the Earth and the planets within the solar system I make to above some derivations.

Can you think that human has a certain degree of cultural literacy in that period, if I can as original ignorant period of human beings?

So please all categories of scientists, in my ignorant state, to compare you are studying or have been the results, to think if my imitation can be set up, the ignorant state of the human can be derived?

About Hacking’s illness is a great pity for human beings. Although I know the existence of invisible equipment, but other people do not know. Is it the physical disease caused by the artificial use of the equipment, or the natural family disease? It needs the rapid development of my enterprise to create a platform for the public to open up. At that time, people will know what is happening in the present world, and where is it from?

Of course, today's enterprises also need the leap-style development from the base to excitation, but this leap requires external conditions to be able to produce;

Don’t let in- evolves visible-equipment to blatant rule society, at that time your all will evolve slave capital, then regret too late. Why don't you wake up now?

In history, in order to protect own interests of class, the state of exclusion is often happen; the enterprise is going to shake the class’s interests of invisible equipment; 

The enterprise has been fully prepared to build some workshops, and each workshop will be able to continue to complete the mission of mankind.

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The rules of the solar system come from the magnetic field, where comes the universe's rule from?

Ignorance analysis is inseparable to mankind’s future.

Zan Song
Executive Director
Future - Tech Workshop

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